I'm surprised this hasn't been posted anywhere here (unless I missed it).
As the deadline looms on whether or not to get the paltry $100 ($200 max) settlement from the class action lawsuit (where the lawyers are getting $8.6 million), a lady just won almost $10,000 yesterday because she opted out of the class action -- and sued Honda directly in small claims court. The judge (apparently no crusaider, but a solid judge with a good reputation) had no choice but to find for the lady (and against Honda). Honda just announced today they will appear in Superior Court, where they can bring in their team of lawyers (they couldn't bring lawyers in even in Small claims -- even though they tried -- and tried to do all sorts of other things that the judge had to throw out). Of course the lady bringing the suit was herself an ex-lawyer and knew the ins and outs of the law.

So with just a few days to go before having to decide whether to opt out or go for it in small claims, following her lead (which will set a precedent), I'm not sure what to do. Probably like most people I don't have the time -- and I'm not an ex-lawyer, but I'd feel so slimy and dirty taking the $200, knowing I was being ripped off as the lawyers got $8.6 million in a legitimate greviance. Not sure what to do.

But here's the latest story:

It's also worth searching the LA Times website to read the earlier stories (all within the past month or so) which detailed all the underhanded (and illegal for small claims court) things Honda tried to do -- before the lady suing -- and the judge -- put a stop to it. Just search "Honda Civic hybrid peters" in the LA Times site to hopefully be able to see some of the earlier articles as well.

The lady has her own website (though it's often overloaded lately):