The date for the court hearing to accept or reject the settlement is set for March 16, 2012. I understand and agree that the offer settling the low milage issue is pathetic, but there is another major part of the settlement that involves a lot of money and is very mportant to those of us with IMA battery system failures, check engine and IMA lights on, etc. The proposed settlement states: Warranty Extension: As of the Effective Date, Settlement Class Members with model year 2003-2008 HCHs will automatically receive an extension of the written warranty for the IMA battery system in their vehicles identical to the terms of the original written warranty that came with the vehicle. The length of the warranty extension will be for 12,000 additional miles or 12 additional months, whichever comes first (“Extended Warranty Period”). If a Settlement Class Member’s IMA battery was replaced at the Settlement Class Member’s expense within the first of 12 months or 12,000 miles after the expiration of the original written warranty that would otherwise have covered the replacement but for the warranty’s expiration, the Settlement Class Member will be entitled to reimbursement for the full cost of parts and labor as if the Extended Warranty Period had been in effect when the replacement took place. To obtain reimbursement for an IMA battery replacement that would have been covered during the original warranty period, the Settlement Class Member must submit a Claim Form along with appropriate documentation including proof of prior payment.

If the petitions succeed and the settlement agreement fails, the warranty extension fails too.