Hi, i have a Hybrid Honda civic 2009, 40000km.

since i have it, i tracked the gaz consumation and realised that it is different from what the sales guy told me. Even if i totally change the way of driving.
Anyway gas in town was more close to 6.5L/100km and at 100km/hr on the high way... not muh than 5.8L/100km

i tryied everything, but the result was much better the week after a oil changed. (close to 5.8 in town)

So since i'm tracking it a lot !!! and i farely know my car... last month it progressively start comsuming at 10L/100km.
Wow... that's close to my Mazda MPV !!! and it did also after the oil changed.

i bring it to honda complaining about it.

High gas consumming, car dont stop anymore, the battery hold it charge 2 km, it is almost alway dead, even while driving on highway. Electric assist is almost nothing...

they checked it

no alert, no warning, no codes...

they decided to check hybrid battery, it was ok.
they check front battery, this one was dead !!!!!
they replace it...

and now it's better but not what it was... (i have not complet a full tank yet... but my bet is around 7.5l/100km

they also did an software updgrade... wich i'm pretty sure it change something...

anyway i just wanted to let people know my experiences for futher things...