I have a 2007 Mariner Hybrid & have had no problems other than routine maintenance until recently. Just over 60K miles.

About 2 weeks ago, got "STOP SAFELY NOW" message. Was diagnosed with bad electric engine coolant pump. Paid $317 parts and $300 labor to have replaced. At same time had 60K maintenance performed.

Just picked up my Mariner last night and the fuel economy monitor in the NAV system is going crazy. It shows incredibly low MPH and even when I am sitting at a stop light, the MPH will change. Over the past 5 years I've averaged 25 MPH around town with my snow tires on (better in summer). Now I'm getting - according to the monitor - 11, 9 or 0 MPH. Have reset repeatedly.

Called the dealership back and they said they did a software upgrade to the vehicle and I should drive it for 100 miles and see if the monitor returns to normal function. Sounds suspect to me...

Either my fuel economy has disappeared or the monitor is hosed...either way will be headed back to the dealership on Monday.

Anyone else ever seen this?