Short summarized version. Son and friends want to drive to Rosebowl to see their team play. Major engine problem in middle of Utah. Towed to nearest city with Ford dealership. Diagnosis: "lower engine rub" causing major banging sound. 3.5 qts of oil mysteriously disappeared (I personally confirmed full dipstick at their departure (3 week old oil change) Can get new shortblock engine installed for $6000. Repair would take 10 days and I live 1500 miles away. Dealership doesn't want to buy it....."no hybrid market in southern Utah" Recommend call salvage yard and see what they'll give me as Wholesale value is only $7000 to $7500. Does this sound at all logical/ accurate? The hassle of getting out to a small town in Utah to drive this back doesn't seem worth 1000 -1500 bucks if the numbers are correct. Any thoughts?? (approx. 82000 miles)