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    Hybrid not engaging when A/C is on

    Just looking for any suggestions and/or advice...I own 2 2008 Ford Escape Hybrid models. One work perfectly with an average of 35 mpg. The other...not so much 30 mpg only if I disengage the A/C.

    2008 Escape Hybrid when I have econ and A/C engaged, my battery power never kicks in? The only time the vehicle will go into Hybrid mode is when the A/C is not engaged. Anyone have a similar problem?

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    The key thing to remember is

    The key thing to remember is that there is an AC compressor that runs when the AC or defroster is operating. The engine must be running for the compressor to work. There are two AC modes on my 2007 Hybrid and I presume yours is the same. When the AC selector is not in the orange position, the AC compressor will shut down when the vehicle comes to a stop and (if all the conditions in the computer are right) the engine will shut down. The fan will keep running and will blow cold air for a while until the air in the ducts warms up. In the orange AC mode (and in all defroster modes), the AC is always on, so the compressor must be on, thus the engine must be on. In this mode the vehicle will never run on battery power because there is no way to operate the compressor to give you cooled air.

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