2007 Honda Civic Hybrid has been chewing up tires every 25K miles. Now at 84K miles we have it solved.
We were getting poor gas mileage, cupping on tires on the inside of all four tires.
The car sounded like a helicopter driving down the highway! Honda did nothing or anything they tried did not work. ( they did buy the first set of tires at 25K miles, and some rear arm)
I took the advise of a good old boy alignment man who has been aligning cars for 60 years:
He adjusted the car to 0.5 degrees of negative camber for all four wheels. I'm sure he had to bend something to get it there! Cost us $65!
Results: The car rides like a dream in a silent movie! Gas mileage has returned to 44-46 mpg from 36-38!
Handles very nimbly and you can drive it down the road with your hands off the wheel!
We are finally very happy with a car that has been a big pain in the butt with no help from Honda.
We now have the confidence to put a set of Michelin X radial DT's on and it's perfect!
Honda should use the aftermarket adjustable arms so that all civic hybrids could be adjusted like ours!
My wife has always driven a honda and when this one is done will shop for a new car company.