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    2006 Honda Civic Hybrid IMA Problem

    I have a 06 HCH and have been having the IMA problem for a year now. I called the dealership and it will cost $2500 to fix. My HCH has 100K and counting. Is it worth fixing the IMA or should I just get rid of it?

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    Dear Sir\ Madam, I bought a

    Dear Sir\ Madam,
    I bought a Hybrid Honda Civic 2006 a year ago. the battery gave me 80% at the computer check.But now I face a problem which is the charging of the battery. It gives a full charging quickly and discharging as well. sometimes it shows normal charging and discharging. Please advise me soon since I live in Jordan and there aren't too many dealers I can trust. I love my Honda. Best regards

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    I hve Honda Civic IMA date

    I hve Honda Civic IMA date December 2005 with 86000kms.
    Can you please let me know whether it is possible that the battery will have to be replaced shortly and the cost. How long do the
    batteries normally last? I am in Portugal. thanks

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