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    I hope this helps

    I hope this helps someone...Like the others above, I have had this same computer "update" completed. Then within a matter of a few days, so coincidently, the IMA light came 'ON' for 2 days but before the "update" the IMA light was ‘OFF’ and the IMA system was charging. I called the dealership and was told that the IMA battery needs to be replaced at a cost of $4000. Upon researching, I have found out the following...if you live in a certain Emission’s US State like FL or CA, the battery is replaced for free under warranty, 10 yrs or 150,000 miles whichever comes first BUT if you don't live in that special state then its 8 yrs or 80,000 miles FOR the SAME TYPE BATTERY. (maybe register the car...)

    I have called Honda USA to complain and have had no luck. I’m up the creek and it’s just a matter of time before I have to replace the battery but have found a different source (not Honda) that can replace the same IMA battery and am doing the work myself. A friend told me the other year that he did it himself and it had been a year and he was still smiling!! The cost will either be a fourth or half of what Honda is expecting with a warranty.

    Then there's the issue I had when the program key lost its code or the engine couldn’t recognize the program key. The dealership couldn’t understand why because the 12V battery was good. I asked why and was told a lame excuse and told him that I brought the car 2 years ago…silence...but still had to pay $130 valet key plus the towing cost and not counting finding a way home/back which is 45 miles from work. Also, I'm not happy with the warranty service contract that still cost me around $200 each time I walked in.

    Needless to say, I’m not happy with Honda. To me - Honda is not user friendly, its only money to them and they are in business to make money but I’m not in the business to help them with my money.

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    OK people take it from me I

    OK people take it from me I used to work at a Honda dealership and now own an auto parts store. Honda will almost always extend the warranty on the battery longer than what is covered normally, it sounds like you are just going to the wrong dealer, also Debbie if you think Honda is not "user friendly" go buy a Chevy and see what happens, you'll go running back to Honda as fast as you can. I've seen ford and chevy dealers not cover major components under the factory warranty with under 30k miles on the car. If you have a problem ask your dealer to talk to the territory service manager and you will have better luck getting you car fixed under warranty. Hope this helps.

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