Im currently having some problems with my HCH 2005. I purchased this vehicle a month ago and knowing the vehicle has been sitting for a while, I removed the hybrid battery. I dismantled it and cycled the sticks 5 times using a teamcheckpoint cycler. Its red. The sticks ranged from 5900ma-6100ma but held their charged. After cycling all the sticks, i reinstalled them, shuffling from bottom to top to even heat damage. After cycling, I installed the battery and the battery level is full. I drove down the street, assist came on for 3 seconds, and the ima light came on again, p1433. The vehicle still auto stops and charges only 4 bars. The vehicle also starts on the ima motor, not the starter. If I continue to drive, the soc jumps up and down from empty to full. Is this a battery issue or something more since I cycled the sticks with great results. Let me know what you think