I'm wondering if anyone here can help solve a riddle and problem I've had with my 2006 HCH almost since day one.

When the glove compartment is closed, there's a rattle coming from somewhere in the assembly of it. It's not from anything actually IN the glove comparment (I've emptied it out, still get the rattle). But what's strange is... I hear the rattle ONLY when the glove compartment is CLOSED (as it normally should be). When the rattle starts driving me crazy more than usual, I simply open up the glove compartment and the rattle goes away. Close it, and it's there. Sometimes it's worse than others (ie, bumpier road, when car is cold, etc) but I hear it (quieter) even when going on a smooth freeway and a constant crusing speed.

The car is out of warranty now and I don't want to have to pay for it, but it's been bugging me a long time, and I DID bring it into the dealership once or twice for it before when it was under warranty. They simply put some weatherstripping foam around the edges (so that when shut it would give a bit of a buffer I guess) and that never really helped. I can't understand why it only rattles when it's CLOSED but not OPEN.

When it's closed and I hear the rattle, if I PRESS HARD against it, the rattle goes away (if I just barely press, the rattle is still there, but if I press hard against it closed, it will stop). And of course if I open it up the rattle stops completely.

So I'm guessing it's something in the opener mechanism, or something in there? I am not good at taking apart stuff and such... but would love to get rid of the rattle. I don't like having to drive around with an open glove compartment (especially as when I have to park the car I don't want to leave it open, nor forget to close it each time) but.. what could be causing this, and is there a fix for it? Anyone else have this problem?

Though it's nothing "serious" it's the small things that never go away that can drive you nuts.

If you can help... thanks!