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    What to look out for when buying a used Ford Escape Hybrid.

    I am looking at buying a used Ford Escape Hybrid.
    I hope someone could advise me as to what things I need to look out for.

    The car I am currently looking at is a Ford Escape Hybrid 2008.
    AWD, moon roof, leather seats.
    one owner
    120,000 miles
    the dealer is asking $15,000

    Is this a good price ?
    The miles seem a lot for a 2008, maybe I will need to change the battery pack, how would I know?

    Thanks in advance.

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    Hi Mettam, I'd almost be

    Hi Mettam, I'd almost be surprised if you haven't forgotten this thread entirely by now. I guess it's obvious to me that no one has a real clear and defensible answer for you. I'm answering because you are describing my car pretty much! I'm also answering because this whole "will I need to change the battery pack" mentality that is growing like any other bad rumor.

    How would you know if you'll need to change the battery pack?
    - is it smashed or obviously physically damaged?
    - has someone somehow stolen the original one and replaced it with a counterfit that kinda works somehow?
    - has the car been in a major wreck or gone through LOADS of misuse by devious or screamingly inept mechanics?
    - when you took the car for a test ride, did the gas engine shut-down at a point and let you sit at a stoplight or drive very slowly in electric mode at all?

    Personally, I'm rather irritated with the engineering "bosses" at Ford for so horrendously underutilising the battery. It's been designed to last virtually forever in my view, instead of cycling it a bit deeper and achieving better fuel economy. Here's something to look at if you don't understand or believe what I'm saying here:


    back to your original question though; beat them down a bit, I'd say $10k would be a good deal, $12k workable, depending what you could get thrown in or for financing.

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    So...on that note, i have a

    So...on that note, i have a 2006 FEH that is about to hit 100K and the end of the warranty. I've been considering extending the warranty simply because that battery is such an expensive part that i'd want it covered should replacement be needed...are you saying that i shouldn't worry?

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