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    2003 HCH IMA Software Compatability Issue?

    I recently replaced my IMA battery. The car was running fine and I took it to my dealer for servicing. The service manager tested for error codes because my engine light was on. The code indicated that I needed to replace the catalytic converter (one of two). NO OTHER FAILURE CODES WERE INDICATED.

    Service manager told me Honda has a sofware upgrade and he recommended I install it. The reason for servicing was an oil change. I got that and the new software. Waht else I got was a non-functioning IMA. The new software reported code P1600 IMA SYSTEM MALFUNCTION. I drove the car out and sure enough the IMA was as dead as a door nail. So I drove right back into the dealership. The only thing that was done to my HCH was the oil change and updated software. I asked the service manager to re-install the previous version of the software because the IMA was working just fine when I drove in for servicing and the new battery is only 2 weeks old! I thought that was a reasonable request and indicative of a reasonalble course of action based on the evidence. The answer I got was "we can't do that, we don't have the previous version of the software"!

    When the IMA is dead there is no battery assist and in fact your engine compartment battery will not charge unless you exceed 1500 rpm. This means if you do a lot of stop and go driving that your engine compartment battery will be drained and when you stop and then try to restart the car, the chances are very good it will not start again unless you get a jump. The dealership is aware of this but they do not tell you.

    My question is has anyone else experienced this kind of problem and what have you done? Is there a remedy to this? I cannot believe that a company like Honda does not keep previous sofware versions and that a dealship would not have one on hand for precisely this kind of a concern. Anyone have any ideas?

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    Hi guys, Sorry for posting

    Hi guys,
    Sorry for posting this here.. but i've an issue. I have a Honda Civic Hybrid IMA 2003 and my front left optic its crashed.

    Anyone have any idea where I can buy another one without being Honda official?

    Thank you

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