Today my wife is driving the 2004 Honda Civic Hybrid (automatic transmission, mileage=47752) and she found that

1. The IMA light is on
2. The check engine light is on
3. The battery charger light is on
4. The AC in the car does not work. (I turned it on but no cool air comes out)
5. The Battery on the right side of IMA ( I think that it is the indicator of IMA battery capacity) is TOTALLY empty.

I have to give me car to her and I drove this car home. It was fine two days ago, I did not drive it for 2 days and I parked it in my garage. It is very hot (we are in Wichita, and it is 105 degrees outside, the garage inside is probably hotter).

I decide to take it to the dealer to let them check it, but anyone here on the forum can point me the direction?

Thank you