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    the real Prius gas mileage

    Most reviewers keep listing Prius mileage as 60
    > town,
    51 highway.
    I've been driving 40 mpg cars for 20 years
    > and am very
    > careful how I drive to maximize mileage. I have
    > driven my 2005 Prius
    > for 15,000 miles. Here's what they actually do.
    > Town--36
    > Highway--48
    > My 15,000 mile averate is 46.5
    > There is of course the possibilty that the 2005
    > Prius has been
    > changed and doesn't match the mileage of the 2004s,
    > but I doubt it.
    > I'd like to know if others are getting similar
    > mileage. 46 mpg ain't
    > all that bad, but it's definitely not what's
    > advertised and how
    > anyone could fall for the "you get better mileage in
    > town (when
    > you're driving most of the time in a low gear
    > range), is beyond me.
    > What am I missing?
    > C.F. Keller, New Mexico

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    I actually get slightly better numbers with our Jetta TDI diesel wagon.

    I get spot-on the Canadian government official fuel economy numbers which are 38 mpg city, 51 mpg highway. To get numbers like you do with your Prius I would have to be speeding. My average fuel consumption is actually pretty close to your Prius highway mileage, but my typical drive is heavily biased towards freeway driving. I get a 1200 km (750 mile) safe range out of one tank of diesel. Right now with the latest fuel crisis brought on by Katrina, gasoline is $1.35/liter up here, and diesel is $1.21.

    The newer Jettas are heavier though and get slightly worse mileage on the same engine.

    Still, the TDI engine is only a $1500 or so premium over the base gas engine.

    Mike G.

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    I don't own a Prius but I do own a Civic Hybrid and average about 65MPG and more than 900 miles/tank.

    You might want to check over at www.greenhybrid.com as they have almost 300 Prius's listed in their database and their average across them all is about 48.

    Roughly half are over 50MPG and some are over 60.

    A couple of hypermilers there ran a Prius marathon and exceeded 100MPG!

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    "A couple of hypermilers there ran a Prius marathon and exceeded 100MPG!".

    That's truly impressive.

    But what matters is what your car consumes going about its daily tasks. I doubt this is a sustainable number in normal everyday conditions. I know many TDI nuts have done similar marathons and gotten nearly as impressive numbers in the 70-80 range, but we're talking long distances at 35 mph.

    I think what's really meant by the title "the real Prius gas mileage" is "what can I resonably expect on a repeatable basis for this car in my normal driving cycle, driven at normal traffic speeds (or at least at the posted speed limit).

    Mike G.

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    I am thinking that the mileage in city should be BETTER than highway due to using the electric motor more, and the gas engine less, at lower speeds.

    That's what's been explained to me!

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    Just to see what would happen I drove my Prius like an idiot to fit in with the other locals. I punched it off a red light. Average speed through super-suburbia was about 55 mph. Ran up the Interstate at an average speed of 90 mph. Generally, I did everything to get the mileage down and had the air conditioner full blast.

    (Note that I've read that Toyota discourages keeping up with the yahoo's on the Interstate that cruise along faster than 80 mph).

    I got 38 mpg.

    If I do the hybrid quickly accelerate to speed, coast, and charge driving I get up to 54 mpg. Still with the AC full blast (haven't seen winter yet).

    I'm not sure what this says about your Prius or your driving

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    I just picked up my Prius. I'm getting 49.6 over the last 1000 miles. In traffic, I've been able to get 53.
    By the way, as a Massachusetts resident I get diddly-squat for incentives. Ironic, isn't it?
    Also, has anyone checked out CalCars 100+mpg upgrade?

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    I've been getting about 4.3L/100km (from Canada) in my 2004 Prius. The worst I've averaged was in January at about 5.2L/100km. I get about 850km on a tank, and the worst I've had was about 700km.

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    4.3 is very good. We can, if careful (ie no speeding) average 5.0 in our Jetta wagon, manual shift.

    VWs have fairly largish fuel tanks though and my range on the Jetta, driven at speed limits, can top 1200 km. On the Passat I can routinely get 1100 km per tank, but I average only 5.9 l/100 km (larger car, automatic).

    Fuel capacity is a nominal 55 liters on the Jetta and 65 on the Passat, but I can squeeze in 60 and 70 respectively.

    Mike G.

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    the real Prius gas mileage

    I'm doing over 50+ mpg and doing 100miles per day. There are some things you can do to bump up your mpg.
    1. Drive with window close and no AC (highway)
    2. Do not accerlate real fast
    3. Drive at or near 55 mph (highway)
    4. Draft behind a big car or 18 wheeler to get
    the best mpg. (highway)
    5. In the city learn to drive using the battery.
    (this takes some practice but once you get it
    you can get real good mileage). What I do is
    accelerate to 35-40 mph then let off the gas
    pedal and slightly step on it again such that
    only the battery is powering the car.
    6. Make sure you got good tire pressure.
    Toyota recommends 35 PSI front and 33 rear
    I think 42 PSI front and 40 rear work better.

    Hope that helps some...please let me know if it does.

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