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    Considering a 2005 Civic Hybrid

    How does someone like me shopping for a used Hybrid know that the batteries are good? The 2005 that I am looking at shows the battery gauge at about 50%. Should that be higher or is that to be expected on a short test drive of only 3-4 miles?
    Also, I am also considering a regular non-hybrid civic. I am concerned with the posts from consumers complaining about the higher maintenance costs (i.e. batteries, catalytic converters (costing way more than a non-hybrid). Any advice?

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    why don't you try the shops

    why don't you try the shops meant for the Civic non Hybrid specifically Honda dealers as this is a Honda car.Thats what a newbie like you should do first and foremost.

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    Used hybrid, you’ll need

    Used hybrid, you’ll need to worry about battery, electric motor, gas engine, and transaxle.
    Used gas car, you’ll need to worry about engine and transmission. Four against two. You do your math.

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    i would get it, if its at a

    i would get it, if its at a good price. i own a 2005. just for fun i called honda to ask about a new battery, they run 3k for the battery, and 1k to install. and they come with 36month/ 36k warranty. i found a website they replace the battery with a better one then honda uses, for about 1200. or for about 600 they fix the one that comes with the car. Hybrid-Battery-Repair.com . as for the rest of the car its a honda nothing to worry about. the down side of the car. its shit in the rain, and once took me 20 min to drive four miles on light snow covered roads in town. thats abut all i hate abut the car if its not dry out it doesn't leave the driveway. if you have any questions feel free to email me. xzim@aol.com

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    Hi, i test drove a 2005

    Hi, i test drove a 2005 hybrid as well and was wondering about why mileage you start to see constant problems with this type of engine?

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