I just purchased a used 2008 Mercury Mariner Hybrid, I have some questions about it I live 3.3 miles from work relatively flat commute and no speeds above 40mph. Some days the car doesn't go all electric until I've gone about a mile, other days I pull into my parking spot just as the car goes electric. So the question is how long should it take to go electric? Also there are times when I can only go 3-5 miles while being in electric mode before the battery is drained and switches over to gas. The morning temps as of now are about 45-50 degrees Fahrenheit. Also any time I might be driving in electric when I stop and shut the car off to go into a convenience store and only for a minute or two when I come back out it usually takes 3-5 minutes before the car will go electric again. Any suggestions or answers? I may be expecting to much out of the car as far as thinking I could make it to work and back again on all electric at such low speeds and relatively flat driving.