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    Ford Fusion hybrid PHEV kit


    I recently installed a PHEV 4kw battery kit on my Fusion hybrid. This kit charges
    the stock hybrid battery and supplies additional power to the hybrid electric motor when
    driving in EV mode or assist mode. It connects to the hybrid battery in parallel and does not
    replace any of the hybrid components or factory settings.
    So far I am seeing an increase of about 50% MPG on average and have been able to drive up to 2 miles in pure EV mode. If the conditions were right I should be able to drive further. They still need to make an adjustment to the kit to prevent the kit from shutting itself off randomly. I understand I am the first person to install this type of PHEV kit on a Fusion. If anyone else is interested, I can provide
    more details.

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    Hi Thanks for posting the


    Thanks for posting the phev fusion info.
    I'm in the market for a hybrid fusion with the contemplation installing the enginer phev kit. more info on your experience so far would be much appreciated.

    thx Brent

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    Sorry for the late response

    Sorry for the late response I haven't been checking this web site much lately.
    The kit has had some issues with shutting down randomly but it appears that
    this may be mostly resolved. They replaced the battery, charger and upgraded the BMS
    and adjusted the current. It still shuts down occasionally but will usually come back on
    after flipping the switch off and on again. The mileage varies but usually I can get between
    30 to 50 percent improvement per trip. The one down side is that you will want to remove
    the spare tire from the well as it is very difficult to get the spare tire out with the kit installed.
    But this is the same with all hybrids not just the Fusion. The service with Engineer was great.
    They were very responsive and worked to resolve the problems. Since this was the first Fusion
    install things didn't go as smooth but now that it's documented it should go better for the next one.
    Let me know if you have any more questions.


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    According to the company

    According to the company that makes the kit, it does not void the factory warranty unless
    the manufacturer can prove that it caused a failure of hybrid components. It should not
    as it doesn't replace anything and connects in parallel to the stock battery.

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    Ken, I have a 2010

    I have a 2010 fusion hybrid and would like to know how you've been
    doing with enginer kit. What kind of mpg, any problems, would
    you invest in enginer again.

    Are youin a cold climate like ohio?

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