I have a new 2011 FEH and even though it was my wife's idea to get it (she was tired of getting 16 around town in the van), i am now obsessed with getting the most out of the car. I understand there is a break-in period so i'm not too concerned with 29 around town and 30 on the highway yet, but i do have a question i want to ask. I have a 5-speed manual pickup truck that i throw into nuetral alot to coast down hills to get better mileage (26.5 around town). I would never do this with an automatic but i am reading that this is OK for the CVT in the FEH. Is this really the case? Also, on the interstate yesterday going down a huge mountain, i put it into N at 65 MPH and thought the car would drop into EV mode but it didn't. MPG did go up alot but i was hoping to do even better in N and get out of the gas engine. I can only assume my speed prevented this. So the two questions are:
1. Is N really OK to coast in?
2. Was speed the reason why it didnt drop into EV mode when coasting downhill at 65mph?

thanks for the help!