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    Anybody actually use these guys? Any success. How long does it take to get your refurbished battery back to you? I sent them an email last week and haven't heard back. I hope their customer servcie is better tha that.

    Our 2003 Hybrid needs a new battery. Honda here in Seattle wants $2500. Although that's cheaper than in the past, I still don't want to dump that much money into this car. But to let the car sit for 3 weeks or longer while the battery is being fixed is also a problem. Just gathering info. Thanks.


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    I have used them twice in

    I have used them twice in the past. I know they recently added some new staff and seems to have a better response time. They have been very good to me in the past. I would recommend them.

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    I sent my 2003 civic hybrid

    I sent my 2003 civic hybrid battery to his place in New York. It was sent back after about three months. I reinstalled, and after 37 miles my Check Engine light and IMA light came back on. The car has failed inspection and cannot be re-registered until this is fixed. I've just emailed him (5/8/2011) to see what he can or will do for me. I'll post the results.

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