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    I have a 07 civic hybrid. I

    I have a 07 civic hybrid. I have had problems with the power steering going out while driving for no reason/ random times. Very dangerous. This happened once on the freeway. I pull over restart the car and it's OK until the next random time. Had the voltage converter changed and told them about the problem It is still happening ANyone else have this problem?

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    Yes, I've experienced same

    Yes, I've experienced same random power steering failure in my '06 HCH. Very sporadic, almost impossible to diagnose because unable to replicate even 5 minutes after malfunction. Shut off car, restart and PRESTO.....no problem! Scary stuff. Now dealing w IMA battery too. This vehicle has been a disaster. And, I suspect many dealerships , if not ALL, have been dancing around this IMA debacle with a wink-and-nod from Honda for past 4-5 years now. Just took my car to local dealership and they stated, quote " we haven't replaced ANY of these batteries. They should last forever". Really!!!??? Oh, and they are also saying I'm having AC compressor alert codes too. Does anyone know if latest software updates Honda has performed on models w IMA batteries affect performance of any replacement battery ????

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    This week, I too have

    This week, I too have experienced a power steering problem where it goes out while I am driving. The first time it occurred, I was making a left hand turn and barely was able to make the turn without running off the road or hitting another car. The second time it happened, the next morning, I couldn't make it out of my driveway. I called the dealer and was told that they couldn't diagnose the problem unless I drove it to them and it was in the malfunctioning state. The dealership is 30 miles from my home and there was no way I'd drive it that distance without automatic steering. I had it towed to the dealership but they claimed they could not replicate the problem. They asked if their mechanic could drive it home in hopes of "catching " it when it was malfunctioning. I allowed this but told them to warn the driver to be alert in case the steering when out while driving it. The dealership employee kept stating that it couldn't be diagnosed and fixed unless it was brought in to them while malfunctioing so they could hook it iup to the computer to diagose he problem. In the mean time I'm supposed to drove it in fear that it will break while I'm turning a corner. In my opinion, this is just as significant as the Toyota acceleration problem. Actually, moreso because we can't blame it on carptets causing the peddle to stick.

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