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    2001 Prius Running on Gas Only

    I am working on a 2001 Prius and the problem with it is that the car won't switch to the battery power. I replaced the HV battery but that didn't help either. Thoughts? Could it be the converter?

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    If you can start and run the

    If you can start and run the gas engine, then the hybrid battery, inverter and electric motor must be working. The Prius uses the electric drive motor as the starter for the gas engine.

    Is it possible there is a programming issue? The Pruis will refuse to use the electric drive IF it senses that the hybrid battery is very low charge. The Prius has to save the last few Kilowatts in the battery to run the on-board high voltage systems.

    Have you hooked into the OBDII port and run diagnostics to find out what the actual state of hybrid battery charge is?

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    i have 2 codes p3002 and

    i have 2 codes p3002 and p3018 also sometimes i get no reverse
    and then someties it just go in have no idea whats going on my hybrid battery indicator says that its full

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    You DEFINITELY have computer

    You DEFINITELY have computer problems. This is not something that can be fixed by a home mechanic.

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