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    Very Slow Civic 2009 ( Any Help )

    I Drive Honda Civic 2009 Hybrid its too slow car , specially when the battery is low \
    and i donít know why when the RPM reach to number 3 and plus the Assists stops
    is there is anything wrong with my car or all of them do the same , and is there is any solution to the slowness I have ( like put a bigger engine For Example)

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    My Honda has been a descend

    My Honda has been a descend car but I believe not up to Hondas standards. I say this because I had a front end problem with a strut bearing and had to take it to the dealer twice. The first time they said they changed the bearing but after three days of waiting still the same problem, this issue is a dealership issue. (Waldorf, Honda).
    The second and biggest issue is the suspension on my car is like a old go cart. I hit a bump and the front and rear suspension bottoms out hard. This is with 3 people in the car and luggage. But will do it with just me in the car as well. I just feel as Honda could have done a better job of designing the suspension.
    The third thing is my windshield wipers just do what they want. They park where ever they want and the delay wipers just do what they want. Slow and fast work fine, except they will not park properly. I will say windshield wipers are a basic function of a car how could they screw this up but they did?
    I cannot complain about my gas mileage, I average about 40 MPG.
    After everything is said and done I believe I would have better off buying a regular Honda Civic, reason being I had to pay sticker price for this in 2006 and to offset the price of a Hybrid just takes too long and you have to wait and see if the Hybrid technology and batteries will last.

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    Tare, you must remember you

    Tare, you must remember you have a hybrid model civic. It is built for fuel economy not performance. I have an 08 hch and live in south florida, 80 degrees plus for eight months out of the year. I have the same probelms when I start the car cold in the middle of a hot day. You gotta be paitent with the car under those conditions. At night it gets much better, the air is cooler and denser you get more power and more mpg's. I would suggest getting a cold air intake, if available. If you are still not happy get a civic lx,dx, or si.

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    Also the battery drains

    Also the battery drains itself when it feels it is under too much pressure, either high demand for horsepower and/or too many accessories on at once. The weather is also a big variable.

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