I was wondering why the IMA does not give much better mileage for the Civic Hybrid? It seems to me, that since the car has a small 1.3 liter engine, it should get pretty good fuel economy on it's own. (I used to get 40 on the freeway in my 92 Civic DX hatch).

What is confusing to me is that when going up slight inclines, or accelerating, the mileage bar drops to basically nothing. I would expect this in a standard gasoline car, but isn't the point of the IMA to give it electric power to help move the car and reducing the fuel consumption of the gas engine?

Any standard Civic can get good fuel economy on flat ground, but hills and starts and stops are what kills mileage, and the Civic Hybrid, despite it's IMA, doesn't seem to do that great.

The best I have ever gotten was 42, and that was with VERRRRRY careful driving.

Any input would be helpful. I am just trying to gain a better understanding of the whole process.