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Thread: Auto start?

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    Auto start?

    I want to install an auto start in my 06 HCH and am wondering if that is a good idea and if so then does anyone know where I can get a wiring diagram to show how to do it.

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    Hi JH; If by 'Auto Start'

    Hi JH;

    If by 'Auto Start' you mean "Remote Start" then I am afraid you will not get any good answers. It is not an easy thing (technically) to do and in many case may have an impact on your warranty since it is NOT and supported or recommended accessory.

    I do not mean to be insulting at all, but if this is really what you are looking for then I would like to respectfully discourage you from doing it or even considering it.
    Please, avoid a remote starter for yourself, yours and all of us.

    Instead, I would encourage you do something better and that is to install a block heater and plug it in if at all possible. You may also consider blocking your front grille too.



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    the technology has improve

    the technology has improve from 2008. although is difficult to do a auto start by yourself. it isn't expensive, so my advice is to go to a specialist. Fox Car Rental has a branch that deals with this kind of problems.

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    I must agree with marlene,

    I must agree with marlene, it's safer for you to go to a specialist and ask him to do it. Another thing that you must think is if the car insurance will change do to this. I'm thinking of the worst here but what if your car will get stolen, i think it's easier to do on an automatic starting car. Take care and let us know what happen.

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    Indeed, the warranty does

    Indeed, the warranty does NOT support the unrecommended accessories like a "Remote Start". But if you want to test it, don't do in on your car. Go to program like donate a car to charity and you'll find a lot of car with accessories that are not recommended by the warranty certificates.

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