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    Toyota Prius mpg highway/city for NE Ohio

    Hi everyone, I am a senior in college and am writing my senior thesis on hybrid cars for my environmental studies degree. I need to calculate the average highway vs. city driving distance (for each on average) and mpg as part of this project. I was wondering if anyone could help point me to a source or provide me with relevant information. Thanks for the help!


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    Mileage has a lot of

    Mileage has a lot of variables associated with it, especially hybrids: tire pressure, air filter cleanliness, ethanol/nonethanol gas, weather, AC on or off, heater on or off, and driving techniques.

    The most "consistent" numbers you can get are EPA mileage numbers. They use a standard course and presumably a standard driving environment and driving techniques.

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    We own one and it is great!

    We own one and it is great! Love that high MPG!

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