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    HEV Battery Level

    I have noticed that when I am looking at the HEV screen that the EV battery meter never seems to get close to full. At best it might be slightly above half. This is even when I am cruising for a long period. It seems as though I would be able to "top off" when the engine is running for long periods. Anyone else notice this?

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    I have the same

    I have the same issue/observation with my 2009 Ford Escape Hybrid, I have been looking around to see if it is a fault or not. So far it seems like it is probably normal.

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    For an Escape or Fusion

    For an Escape or Fusion hybrid, it is completely normal for the battery to appear "half charged". The vehicle tries to keep the state of charge in the middle so you have both plenty of room to collect energy while braking and plenty of energy to accelerate the vehicle. There are also EPA fuel economy rules that "penalize" a hybrid's fuel economy ratings if the battery's state of charge is significantly different from the beginning to the end of the fuel economy tests.

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