First a little background

HCH I, CVT, 2003

Battery Pack was replaced around 95,000 Miles. Note: there was never a battery problem. Turned out to be a bad relay. But it was all under warranty and I got a free battery so I never complained.

Present Day:

My car has been running great and Iím now at 160k Miles. The other night the 12Volt Battery Light came on and then the car died. If this had been a regular car I would have sworn it was the alternator. If you charge the 12V battery the car will run for a little while and then die.

Here is the crazy part though. There are no check engine lights nor has the IMA light came on. So I take that to mean the battery pack is just fine. In addition the pack is not that old.

Any thoughts? I have a buddy who is a former Honda Mechanic. Him and a buddy of his who still works at Honda took a look at it. Their conclusion is that I should replace/rebuild the battery but they fully admit that the problem has them stumped.

The next step is taking it to the Honda dealershipÖ.But frankly they are not too good with hybrids. They already replace the battery pack once when it was not a problem. Iím trying to educate myself a little before paying them a visit.

Also does anyone know what the warranty is on my replaced battery pack? Do I get another 80k Miles?