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    Peugeot 3008 Diesel Hybrid

    Have anybody checked this new launch by Peugeot? It is the first diesel hybrid in the world market. I would really like to read an article from Hybridcars.com about it!!

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    Ok I love the classic cars

    Ok I love the classic cars just wish I could go farther on gas would love to own a classic car one day would like a 1958 chevy impala dream car of myn but as of now I drive a 1994 toyota camry love the car but wish that there a way like alot of people out there to convert it to hybrid I know I would have to do many changes to my car I just wont my car to be a hybrid I mean hiw cool would it be to change over any car think it would be awsome

    Ok been having these idea they need to make a car that is a hybrid bio deasl with the solar panl intrgrated on the tope of the car
    I think that would be the ultmante earth freindly car all around

    I have so many un answerd questions about solar tech

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