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    Very slow acceleration with 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid

    Has anyone had any problems with VERY SLOW acceleration with their Honda? This isn't the standard "hybrid" start from a stop. The tach goes up to 2-3 and speedometer is only at 5 - 10 mph. My dealer says that there isn't a problem even after new "chip" was installed in August.
    Not confident with the car making left turns etc as it has become to me dangerously slow.

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    Yes, We are experiencing the

    Yes, We are experiencing the same thing. Our Assist Bars max out and our RPMS go to 4000-4500, and the car will not accelerate. Dangerous when pulling onto a highway. We have had all the latest and greatest updates, with no improvement.

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    Me as well. Sometimes the

    Me as well. Sometimes the car rolls backwards on a slope since the IMA doesn't kick in and the engine needs to spin up to at least 3K when making a left turn on a slope. Very dangerous.

    I've filed with the NHSTA.

    Also the BBB, but they said since the car is out of warranty they can't handle the claim.

    2007 HCHII

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    Please keep me posted on

    Please keep me posted on what the NHSTA has to say. If I need to file a complaint with them I will.
    Not happly at all.

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    Yes, I have the same problem

    Yes, I have the same problem AFTER they applied the software update in August of 2010. I noticed it immediately after they applied the upgrade. I live in Minnesota and not being able to rely on whether or not I will have power when I accelerate on ice is extremely dangerous. One minute its there the next it isn't when it hestitates and I give more gas then it takes and I lose control on ice. I have the same problems with it rolling backwards, and not being able to rely on it having power when passing people, pulling out in front of people quickly. I've been to the dealer several times and they have replaced my battery pack but still no luck. You can feel something holding it back but I just don't know what it is. Then my gas mileage has tanked as well... went from consistently 40 mpg to 30. My old honda, which was paid for, got 27 miles to gallon... boy I wished I had kept that car. My next step is to start hammering at honda to deal with it.. If no luck then they can repo it because I'm not going to pay for something that's crap. Driven Honda's for almost 30 years but this may be my last.

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    Did anyone find a solution

    Did anyone find a solution to this problem? I have a 2006 with only 37,000 miles. Recently my car completely stalled trying to make a left turn.

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