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    Should I change battery on my 2008 car?

    I own a Honda civic hybrid 2008. One day, after I started the car, I saw all kinds of lights on my dashboard and couldn't turn the wheel, it was too hard to turn it. I asked for help but nobody had jump cables. Fortunately, the car started and I could drive home at night. After that, it took me several times to start up the car, for around 2 weeks. One time, the same problem happened for 1 minute, I couldn't turn the wheel. Then I noticed that, if I turn the key but don't start up the car right away, but instead wait that the battery level goes down and up (a few seconds), I could turn the key and start the car with no problem. One week after that, I don't need to wait for the battery level to go up (its half way now), and I can start up the car right away, fast, like it was before. Is everything OK? Or do I need to buy a new battery?
    In the mean time, I bought a jump start device.

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    I would first consider to check 12V battery.

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