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    3 days ago my ima and check

    3 days ago my ima and check engine lights both came on. I live in a warmer climate zone and my 09 has over 50k after reading all these posts I feel like I don't want to take it to a deale r so they don't upgrade the software and mess up my mileage...should I just deal with the lights and enjoy the mileage. Has anyone looked in to the class action law suite?

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    I paid 15,000 for HCH with

    I paid 15,000 for HCH with 34000 miles on it. At the dealership itself, it won't start. He said that is becuase some costomers might have left the lights on. He jumped it and took it home. Would not start again. Jumped again. That is my story. I didn't do research--it is Honda!! right!, I have been so stupid!!! really really stupid.

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    I purchased a 2009 HCH, Nov.

    I purchased a 2009 HCH, Nov. 2011, my IMA light just came on, purhcased an extended warranty plan. Now I'm told that it's not covered at all, dealership, Paris Ford @ Paris, TX tld me my warranty was bumper to bumper. I can understand the small battery not being covered, but a battery that is the main component in relation to the gas mileage they are advertising this car at...I'm appauled that it would not be covered. Dealership quotes replacement cost is $2549 + $150 (labor) to fix....yeah right....I think I'll be trading for another brand of vehicle. I'm extremely disppointed and would love to file suit!

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    OMG, I wish the update had

    OMG, I wish the update had never been done on my car. I bought a 2009 civic in Spril of 2011 with 19k miles on it, great gas mileage, avg. 40 to 42 mpg. Plenty of power, very happy. IMA light came on in May of 2012, I called and they told me to bring it in. Did so, updates done, IMA light came back on, back to dealer, replaced IMA battery. Gor it back, no power, scary trying to pull out or get on the highway. It actually came to a complete stop going up a hill, gas pedal all the way down. Took it back, told it was the car mat under the gas pedal. Removed mat. Same problem, took it back, told transmission was slipping, replaced transmission. Got it back, same problem even with new transmission. Took it back test drove with service manager, who also drove a 2010 model they had at the dealer and they were both the same. I talked extensively with him and did learn somethings and was told that there was a trade off with the service update, battery life for power. Left the dealer at least knowing some things to keep an eye on. Same thing is still happening and my gas mileage avg. around 34 to 36 mpg. Not at all the car I purchased. Now I am stuck, I owe more than I can trade the car for and have a car that sucks. On hold right now waiting to talk to the service manager.

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    Just a side note, the dealer

    Just a side note, the dealer service dept has been fine, no complaints, they are bound by Honda to do what they are told and instructed to do by Honda. My complaint is with Honda and doing something to their cars that makes them worse, not better and is pretty much, sc-----g over the consumer.

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    NOTE ABOUT LAWSUIT. A class action lawsuit does nothing but make lawyers lots of money, usually those who have the problem get very little, a few dollars. So that is not really a solutions to all of us. Now waiting for Honda to call me back. There are now non-hybrid cars that get better MPG than the HCH.

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    Prius does NOT have these

    Prius does NOT have these issues....

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    Prius also costs ALOT more

    Prius also costs ALOT more and that is a mute point to those of us with a HCH.

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    No to class action, you will

    No to class action, you will only get a few hundred dollars. Complain to BBB.

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    I just got off the phone

    I just got off the phone with Honda reporting these exact problems that occurred after the service up, the IMA battery and the transmission have been replace and still have the same problems as you describe. We will see what they will do, but from what I have read, doesn't sound like they will do much. A class action is NOT a good idea, you will only get a few hundred dollars while the lawyers get millions. Start with complaining to the BBB and Consumer Reports.

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