My wife and I bought a Honda certified used 09 Civic Hybrid with 38,000 miles on it. Everything was great for the first tank of gas, we got 45 mpg. The next tank of gas it dropped to 35 mpg. The third tank we were down to 26-27 mpg. Took it in to the dealer and they did a software update. It didn't change the mileage. Since then we have been back to the dealer numerous times and still no solution. Honda America basically said go screw yourself. I am SO disappointed with this car. We have had it a few months now and it is getting 26-27 mpg. I could have kept my SUV and gotten the same or better out of it. This car totally sucks and I will NEVER by another Honda hybrid. I tell every person I run into not to purchase a Honda hybrid. I am still debating on whether I want to go through the trouble of taking Honda to small claims court. A class action lawsuit isn't the answer. Nothing gets back to us the owners. Each of us needs to take them to small claims court. I would be willing to bet all of sudden something will get done with these cars at that point.