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    Ahhhhh.... now it is all

    Ahhhhh.... now it is all making sense. I have a 08 Civic hybrid and chalked a lot of quirkiness as the price of owning a hybrid. The AC is horrible in the summer in Phoenix, the car is a "dog" to say the least and now I have a check engine light on that says I have to replace the IMA batteries and, of course, I just went over 80,000 miles. My gas mileage went down significantly after I made the mistake of letting the dealer install the updates too so now I am stuck with a car that gets the same gas mileage as a regular civic but with half the acceleration and power. Ha AND the batteries died (or are dying) at 85K anyway!!! The only thing I like about my car is the fact that I can use the carpool lane. I feel sorry for the people that bought their car after Arizona ran out of the special plates because I see no possible advantage of having this car other than being able to use the carpool lane by myself.

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    I have 2009 HCH. Same

    I have 2009 HCH. Same problem, the battery light came on at 67K and dealer is in the process of obtaining it. I bought it used and was getting about 39MPG in PA for the past 12000 miles. See how it goes with the new battery once it is installed. But hope I do not need to do this every 65K miles....

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    Same thing happens with my

    Same thing happens with my 2008 HCH except, I have to jump my battery. The car won't start. So frustrating.

    I also had the software ?upgrade?, because using the car in the Summer was causing the main battery to not charge and since the change, the battery stays charged BUT my gas mileage has depleted considerably. I didn't notice a difference in power.

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    I too have a 2009

    I too have a 2009 HCH...started having problems with battery charge and poor mileage in summer 2011. The IMA battery was replaced under warranty in Oct 2011 (~42,000 miles). I was hopeful that my mileage would get better, but it is still in the low 30s. After reading the posts here, I realize how lucky I am that I have not had the battery stall or leave me in a dangerous situation.
    I will try going back to the dealer to see if there is anything they can do.
    Of course, low 30s is not bad mileage for a regular car, but for a hybrid? I now realize that I should have bought a Prius if I really wanted better mileage.

    Just another question- has anyone noticed their car "lurching" sometimes when braking? I am not sure how to describe it, but it is not right; it feels like something is slipping?

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    2009 HCH... IMA failure

    2009 HCH... IMA failure codes frequently, especially when the weather gets cool. I live on Long Island, New York. I leased the car, and so far have been happy. I have a 45 minute commute, which is a lot shorter because of the "clean pass" stickers allowing me to use the HOV lane on the LIE.

    First winter of ownership sparked the dreaded IMA failure light. I read the code before taking the car to the dealer. A software update was performed. The behavior of the car was noticeably different. The charge status gauge did not appear to reflect the correct info, and the car seemed more lethargic. I assumed it was because of the weather, and the low temperature effects on the battery (ever use a cold cordless drill in your frigid garage?) Winter seems to reduce the miles per gallon on my HCH, so i didn't notice the decrease. Anyway, springtime arrived, and all seemed well until lately.

    The first cold snap of this winter is upon us. The car is now dangerous to drive. I thin I can run faster than it can accelerate. The IMA light goes on and off, and the battery gauge is useless. Why would the mechanical starter engage when the battery status says full charge. Also, I noticed the car will not shut the engine down at traffic lights, even when the climate controls are turned off (a hint to force the shut down- no heating or cooling request).

    Going to the dealer tomorrow... We'll see. Glad I leased it!

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    Got the deaded IMA fault at

    Got the deaded IMA fault at about 43k on my 2009 HCH. Having the same issues decreased fuel mileage, poor a/c operation and very sluggish (almost unsafe) acceleration. Never have come close to the EPA mileage numbers before or after repairs. I average about 32mpg. This is all after Honda replaced the IMA battery, controller and software update. Bummed I didnt buy a regular civic and saved the money. What can we do as angry customers?

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    Thanks for the discussion

    Thanks for the discussion thread. Traded my 2009 HCH today for top Black Book value. Will sleep very well tonight knowing I will not see the dreaded IMA light in my new car.

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    Reading this site causes me

    Reading this site causes me great distress.

    I live in Melbourne Australia and all the problems with low fuel milage, change of software, hi reving with low power, battery going down and recharging, lack of action from Honda with them saying there is an update to fix the problems (which only made it worse) and this morning the IMA light coming on, I am at a loss of where to go. Australia unlike the USA doesn't have as many Hybrids and a class action there would help but! I think it would be to late for me.

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    i bought a 2007 Honda Civic

    i bought a 2007 Honda Civic Hybrid and IMA battery light went on at 10,066 miles, did the software update at 17,115 miles , then at 24,082 IMA battery bad again, Honda knowingly and intentionally sold me a car with battery problems and failed to disclose such information to me at the time of the transaction into which i would not have entered into if the information had been disclosed to me. That is why they do not tell you the car has battery problems.and continuly to do so. I also bought the extended warrenty. The seat will not stay at height you put it. and they refuse to fix it. Car had rust when i bought it. The software update states "Frequent stop-and-go drivig during warm weather will deteriorate IMA battery". I live in south Texas. I HAVE A CAR I CAN NOT USE OR THE BATTERY WILL DETERIORATE.

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    I bought a brand new 2004

    I bought a brand new 2004 HCH and I have had nothing but good luck with the car. I don't do the schedule maintenance change of oil or any other maintenance. In fact my first change of oil was at 75K miles.
    at 105k miles, I replaced the AC compressor and change transmission oil and flush the coolant from the radiator. I have replaced the tires 2 times. I never wash the car nor clean the inside. It is my beater car for local uses. I got a tax break and financed it for 60 months with 0 percent down payment and 0 percent interest. This beautiful car goes and goes and goes. I have unlimited power for up hills and get a nice 44 miles per gallon efficiency. From reading the blog It seems all the problems arise from the software updates and the car been built mostly on 2009.
    I almost bought a 2012 civic hybrid again, but instead I bought the v6 EXL 4 door sedan without the navigation system. I just happened to find this website that sells the IMA battery pack for only $2000. I hope this helps for those of you that need new IMA battery replacement. Here is the Link http://www.hybrid-battery.com/hch2/new.html
    Good luck people!!

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