Ahhhhh.... now it is all making sense. I have a 08 Civic hybrid and chalked a lot of quirkiness as the price of owning a hybrid. The AC is horrible in the summer in Phoenix, the car is a "dog" to say the least and now I have a check engine light on that says I have to replace the IMA batteries and, of course, I just went over 80,000 miles. My gas mileage went down significantly after I made the mistake of letting the dealer install the updates too so now I am stuck with a car that gets the same gas mileage as a regular civic but with half the acceleration and power. Ha… AND the batteries died (or are dying) at 85K anyway!!! The only thing I like about my car is the fact that I can use the carpool lane. I feel sorry for the people that bought their car after Arizona ran out of the special plates because I see no possible advantage of having this car other than being able to use the carpool lane by myself.