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    Wow!!! I thought I was the

    Wow!!! I thought I was the only one with a bum Honda! Everything I have been reading is what I have been experiencing. I have been telling people about this, but no one else I know has a 2009 Civic Hybrid. One of my friends sent me this site after I told him about my auto woes. My IMA light comes on and then goes off, I have air conditioner problems, and problems with my engine not shutting off at a light, and of course, I had gotten great gas mileage in the beginning, but now, it varies between 23 MPG and 32 MPG... go figure. One day it will go to 23, and then the next it is up higher. I don't get it. I, too, did all of my research, and bought this car because I thought I was both saving gas and the environment, and would have a car that held its value. I have been VERY disappointed, and frustrated with the performance of my car. When I told the dealer about these issues in the past, they told me they checked it, but that there was nothing wrong. I am going to take it back and mention the issues I have read... we'll see what happens! A class action sounds good! I would be happy trading it in for a regular Civic. Actually, I really wanted to get the Jetta Diesel, but thought that would be too risky at this time (not enough data on the car). Hah. Any comments? Suggestions? I'm just so surprised to see so many other people with the same exact problem! So... that means I don't have a lemon, but that this is a common problem. Wow.

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    I have a 2009 civic hybrid

    I have a 2009 civic hybrid purchased new in 2010. I now have 4000 miles and the IMA and malfunction lights are on. I had a scan and was told to take it to the dealer. No lights were on this summer but I had no AC and paid $150 to charge the battery not knowing this was part of the problem. If there is a class action I am in. I will post when I get the car back on Thursday.

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    I leased a 2009 Civic Hybrid

    I leased a 2009 Civic Hybrid in March of 2009 and I have never had good gas mileage. IMA light came on very early on and when I brought it in they told me it needed a software update. I asked why a new car would need an update and they told me it was standard. I constantly have low battery, but mostly, it is completely inconsistent moving from low to full battery and back again arbitrarily. I have averaged about 33 MPG for the life of the car. I am really disappointed. I relied on the Honda brand name and I wish I had done my research. I agree that a class action is a necessity, Honda has knowingly produced a sub-par product that puts owners at risk when the battery tanks. I am so happy I leased and I look forward to moving on soon.

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    I stumbled upon this page

    I stumbled upon this page looking for clues about the insane electrical issues I am having in my 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid. I have around 74,000 miles on it and it feels like it is falling apart! My car will just die at red lights sometimes because the meter reads that the battery is dead, when it was just 3/4 charged five minutes before. The air conditioning blows out 90 degree air in the Texas heat I drive around in daily, and having to accelerate on a hill almost certainly requires turning off the AC. Now if I leave my keys in the ignition at ACC without actually turning the engine over, my navi system flashes wildly and the car behaves as if the battery is dead. When I start it, the engine turns over with no difficulty and yet my power steering goes out and all the lights flicker menacingly. This car is not efficient or comfortable to drive. I feel like I've been duped.

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    bought a new 2009 hch in jan

    bought a new 2009 hch in jan 2010, 10000 miles on it now. Ave milage = 36 mpg. My problem is the regenerative brake sys does not charge the IMA battery when cold. Drive it a mile (+or - )and it starts to charge ok. The level of charge does flucuate, too small a battery? if I drive in 2nd gear when backing off the gas pedal I get more charge and can get the charge level to 8 bars (full charge). Dealer doesn't know if thats normal or not, honda support in California knows less, and no way to talk to someone in honda who might know. Will talk with the Montana attorney general and consumer protection agency, maybe they can get hondas attention. Thanks for all your comments.

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    If Honda makes an

    If Honda makes an adjustment, such as in the software, that intentionally lowers the mileage, then the U.S. EPA should be notified. The average fleet mileage is an officially sanctioned EPA figure. Otherwise, car dealers could give one mileage rating to the EPA and then sell a different car.

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    I wanted to make sure I

    I wanted to make sure I document my 2009 Civic Hybrid experience in case anyone from Honda ever peruses this site to discover the IMA and battery issues are not isolated. My IMA battery goes off and on intermittently, my gas mileage fluctuates immensely and my engine light goes off and on. At one point my battery died in the middle of downtown Seattle --without any warning whatsoever. I feel totally unsafe in my car! So far, Honda in Calgary has replaced my IMA battery, but staff there are quite perplexed on how to permanently solve this problem. If enough people are having the same experience, we should make a claim to get new vehicles or a highly incented trade in price before our warranties end. I have purchases two CRVs before this -- decided this time to be an environmentally responsible citizen, and I get this in return. I want my CRV back!

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    My wife and I also want to

    My wife and I also want to document the same problems in our 2009 Civiv Hybrid. We bought the car used with 56,000 miles on it less than a month ago. The dealer played up the great mileage (43-45mpg) and we are sitting around 30-32 combined city/hwy driving. When we called to ask about the problem with the mileage we were told that these cars are so technologically advanced that we would get a check engine light if there was something wrong with the car. Since there is no check engine light....the 31 mpg is what the car should be getting.

    Sheesh. They haven't heard the last from us. Thanks for the great info on this site.

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    We are also having trouble

    We are also having trouble with the IMA battery. The car dies on a regular basis! The charged up battery gets depleted easily! All within one year of buying a new 09 model! Called the dealer and they are pleading ignorance. Had the car serviced today and the diagnostics came back "serious deterioration"... What a poor quality product!

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    I'm also having troubles

    I'm also having troubles with my 2009 Civic Hybrid especially after the "update". Bought the car new ~7/2009 (37 miles) and had nothing but great things to say until receiving a software update in February 2011. I saw solid MPG all over the local Tucson area averaging 47-52 all year, on long drives to Phoenix (about 100 miles of flat 75 mph interstate) I saw 55-60 MPG consistently even on days in the 100's with a full car. Nice quiet ride too once up to speed ~75 or so the CVT transmission moved the gear ratio just right and the RPM would rest ~1800-2000 RPM just like any good car in overdrive.

    After getting this update, identical trips and even trips with just me driving to Phoenix, completely different story. City driving is about the same if only slightly lower at 42 - 47. At speeds past 60 however, very poor MPG. Now on rides to Phoenix the car burns much more gas and feels like a 3 or 4 speed.

    For example: at 75 MPH the car remains at 2800-3300 RPM to maintain speed, its almost as if someone took away the overdrive. The ride is louder too. Then the Gas milage drops to 30-38 (from 55-60). I used to be able to drive to and from Phoenix with more than half a tank close to 3/4, now I come back with 1/4 of a tank.

    Not only that, since I'm already at 3k RPM if I need to pass the engine goes to Red Line! It never did that before the update quite scary. Speed limits in TX the speed limits go up to 85 running over 4000+ RPM just to maintain speed. Near the Grand Canyon on a road with a 65 speed limit and slight incline the car stayed near 6000 RPM for about 15 miles which resulted in a reading of 17 MPG (wish I took a picture) for at ~50 mile odometer trip reset. Going uphill in this car now is scary the car red lines all the time and at times it just will not go any faster. Did not have these troubles in previous trips on these same roads.

    Honda dealer can't undo the update and Honda customer service stated they cannot do anything to help me and 2 complaints fell on deaf ears. This is my 2nd Honda and with incompetence like this coming from them possibly my last. Apparently correcting a CVT gear ratio is rocket science.

    Has anyone else noticed this significant change in how the CVT operates at freeway speeds on the Civic Hybrid? Or know of a solution to this problem?

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