Wow!!! I thought I was the only one with a bum Honda! Everything I have been reading is what I have been experiencing. I have been telling people about this, but no one else I know has a 2009 Civic Hybrid. One of my friends sent me this site after I told him about my auto woes. My IMA light comes on and then goes off, I have air conditioner problems, and problems with my engine not shutting off at a light, and of course, I had gotten great gas mileage in the beginning, but now, it varies between 23 MPG and 32 MPG... go figure. One day it will go to 23, and then the next it is up higher. I don't get it. I, too, did all of my research, and bought this car because I thought I was both saving gas and the environment, and would have a car that held its value. I have been VERY disappointed, and frustrated with the performance of my car. When I told the dealer about these issues in the past, they told me they checked it, but that there was nothing wrong. I am going to take it back and mention the issues I have read... we'll see what happens! A class action sounds good! I would be happy trading it in for a regular Civic. Actually, I really wanted to get the Jetta Diesel, but thought that would be too risky at this time (not enough data on the car). Hah. Any comments? Suggestions? I'm just so surprised to see so many other people with the same exact problem! So... that means I don't have a lemon, but that this is a common problem. Wow.