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    2009 Honda Civic battery problem

    I wrote Honda last year about no AC when the battery is low for my 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid and the outside temperature is high. They called and stated that the AC will not work when the battery is low and it is not a problem but an anomaly because they know about the issue. They would also not answer my letter in writing. I also had the IMA light come on in July and they did the software upgrade twice and since then my MPG has gone down to 35 MPG. Also you can drive someplace and charge the battery completely but even if you turn the car off for 1 minutes when you return and start your car the first thing the software upgrade does is discharge the battery and you sit at a light 10 seconds later and your car is idling at 1,200 RPM to charge a battery that was completely charged and the software change is saving the battery and costing you mileage. I would hope that some lawyer can bring a class action suite against Honda for the 2009 Honda Civic because they sold you a car knowing of the problems and have no want to fix the issues. If you live in a hot climate like we do you should have the option of being told the AC will not work on hot days.
    The auto stop feature will also not work on hot days no matter how much of a charge the battery has nor how you try to stop. Also pulling out on a 75 MPH highway up hill with a low battery you take your life in your hands because the car feels like it is pulling a 1,000 lb weight and the car is screaming at 5,000+ RPM’s and goes no place. The only thing on the Civic hybrid that is a Hybrid is the decal on the back of the vehicle.

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    I feel your pain, just

    I feel your pain, just yesterday my IMA and engine light came on--I also have a 2009. Unfortunately, I found this website after I purchased the car new a year and a half ago. When I turned my car in yesterday for repair I expressed my concerns about the updates and to my surprise they agreed with most everything the ima/battery blogs mention.

    Like a lot of people, I'm faced with a decision to replace the car while it still has a little value or drive it until the battery dies and continue to replace the battery as I live in one of the hottest place in the US: Phoenix, AZ.

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    I am beyond upset about my

    I am beyond upset about my latest findings on the defective IMA systems with the civic hybrids. Being a Honda owner for years, I thought surely I did my homework and was downright giddy when I bought a new one last January. Now I'm experiencing the same problem at 17,000 miles which, at least, is under warranty. But now I have to decide if I want to keep it when the future doesn't bode well for the civic hybrid. What would the rest of you do in my case? I'm leaning toward trading it in on a crv which I had before for over 10 years with no problems. Just love the gas mileage so much on what I've got.

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    I have a 2009 civic hybird,

    I have a 2009 civic hybird, all was good,until 17000 miles, I was getting 47 hwy, 38 in town,, Ima update at 17K, mileage drops by 10 per gal,, they reset the Ima. same thing mileage stays the same. I now have 25 K and no help from the dealer or Honda. We need class action,, or $70000 refund or they can put car where sun dont shine. I went to Honda to see about a buy back, guess what? Honda dealer Tucson we are not buying any Hybirds at this time.. Wonderful.. anybody else interrested?

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    Im in the exact same boat. I

    Im in the exact same boat. I bought this Hybrid new in May 2010. Even though it is a 2009 it only had 200km's (approx 125 miles) on it. Everything was going great. I was averaging 42 MPG until it got a little cooler out. The dealership told me that it wouldnt get as good MPG in the winter. Ive lived here all my life so I knew this, but it was getting BRUTAL MPG. I was getting just over 20 MPG a couple of days ago. The autostop doesnt come on and my IMA light and engine light both are on. I brought it to the dealership and they "upgraded" the software and the light was off...for a day. The advisor told me that they would have to replace the IMA battery and that they would let me know when to take it in. I've called them a few times since and they are not returning my calls.
    I too had a 1998 Honda CRV and it was amazing. Absolutely no problems until about a month before I traded it in for the Hybrd; My transmission was slipping.
    Even though I have warranty for 5 yrs, Im not sure if I want to keep this wimpy car. I only have a little over 7000 kms (4350 miles) and im thinking of getting rid of it if Im going to be taking it in every couple of weeks. I researched the car for awhile and I never came across any huge problems, but i too never came across this sight...

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    The software update

    The software update specifically tells the IMA to use the battery less. This means worse MPG. I went from 44mpg down to 33mpg. American Honda says this is normal operations to use the battery less so we won't see battery issues. Only problem is I bought the car for the 44mpg. If you have an IMA light, that is covered under warranty. What about us that didn't have a light and they upgraded the software. American Honda says they stand behind their warranties however there is nothing wrong with my car.

    The only way to fix the problem is to NOT buy Honda. Buying a CRV only helps Honda again. Look at Toyota (or other brands) and after you purchase, bring it buy the Honda dealership and show them what they lost out on. The dealers will them begin to speak to American Honda corporate to let them know. Buying another Honda only puts more money in their pocket and they win both ways.

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    just had a problem with the

    just had a problem with the ima and the ignition light, it's now at the dealers. reading all this I have a feeling, having them replace the battery will not be the end. please keep posting concerns, it helps when i have to deal with the dealers.

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    About three months ago I

    About three months ago I bought my 2009 Honda Civic Hybird and one month ago ima and engine light came on they worked on it up dating the computer they said that's all it needed. Wrong last week took back lights on again another missed work day. Was told needed battery replaced was on order would call and would take one half day to replace. I checked and it is in now still waiting for that call and only getting 23 miles per gal. My first Honda may be my last What a deal !

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    My 2009 has over 53,000

    My 2009 has over 53,000 milles on it and my IMA light and outline just came on today. I am literally shaking with anger about this as I read what I have been reading. Please pray for me as I confront the dealer tomorrow. I am a poorly paid school teacher and I cannot dig deep and come up with $3000 right after CHRISTMAS, for Pete's sake! OMG, if I had know this.....sigh. Anyone else who can help me can write to wpoohness@yahoo.com. Thanks in advance.

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    I also have IMA problems.

    I also have IMA problems. Each time the ima light came on Honda did the software update, now they say that is it....
    The fuel consumption is now 20 % higher than when it was new, and I bought the car for its low gas use. I asked if the updates can be cancelled and go back to original settings but this is not possible.
    The idea of a class action sounds good.
    Any more feed back will be appreciated.


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