I wrote Honda last year about no AC when the battery is low for my 2009 Honda Civic Hybrid and the outside temperature is high. They called and stated that the AC will not work when the battery is low and it is not a problem but an anomaly because they know about the issue. They would also not answer my letter in writing. I also had the IMA light come on in July and they did the software upgrade twice and since then my MPG has gone down to 35 MPG. Also you can drive someplace and charge the battery completely but even if you turn the car off for 1 minutes when you return and start your car the first thing the software upgrade does is discharge the battery and you sit at a light 10 seconds later and your car is idling at 1,200 RPM to charge a battery that was completely charged and the software change is saving the battery and costing you mileage. I would hope that some lawyer can bring a class action suite against Honda for the 2009 Honda Civic because they sold you a car knowing of the problems and have no want to fix the issues. If you live in a hot climate like we do you should have the option of being told the AC will not work on hot days.
The auto stop feature will also not work on hot days no matter how much of a charge the battery has nor how you try to stop. Also pulling out on a 75 MPH highway up hill with a low battery you take your life in your hands because the car feels like it is pulling a 1,000 lb weight and the car is screaming at 5,000+ RPM’s and goes no place. The only thing on the Civic hybrid that is a Hybrid is the decal on the back of the vehicle.