Recently, I've started having a problem with the auto start function not kicking in right away after letting off of the brake with my '08 HCH. I've reported it multiple times to my dealer, but can't ever recreate the issue for them. I have noticed is that it only seems to happen at night. I can't figure why that is, but it doesn't happen during the day. The times that it stalls on the auto start are after I've driven the 25 miles home from work, and then go back out after dark. It very consistently happens under these circumstances. If I leave my foot off of the break for 5 seconds, it will eventually start the engine again, but this is very dangerous especially when waiting to make a left hand turn.

Another bit of info around my trouble with the auto start... it only started happening after I was rear ended about 8 months ago. I had the repairs completed by my Honda Dealer's authorized body shop. I don't know if this is just a coincidence, or if the accident may have jarred something that wasn't fixed with the repair.

I live in the extreme heat of Arizona, and have experienced the same issues with the battery that others have complained about, but only in the last 8 months has this started to occur, and of course it never does when I have it in at the dealer.

Anyone had this problem and found a resolution? I've somewhat gotten used to the problem, and have trained myself to downshift into low to keep the engine from stopping, but this is not ideal.

Thanks much!