according to toyota.... \"contribute to society, and enrich peoples lives\"

their have been many academic studies done on toyota and articles created based on these studies. toyota\'s manufacturing plants back home in japan resembles some of the most worst sweat shops in the world. their operations have been desrcribed as \"slavery\" and \"human trafficing\". toyota has thousands of \"karoshi\" claims each year. this term means \"over worked to death\". their plants have very high suicide rates aswell. and when an injury has occured to an employee, on the job they are layed off, and recieve no compensation.

toyota is well known for their union busting, which has destroyed many small countries all around the world. reducing the standards of living amongs the countries citizens.

their are already 1800 instances in the US where employees at the kentucky plant have been injured, fired, and they disapear from the compensation pay roll. this happens at a rate of 400 americans per year working at toyota. toyota builds their plants in the poorest states to take advatage of the lowest wages in the country. many workers have been kept on as temporary workers for over 4 years.

their goal is to lower the average wages in america, and honda seems to be backing them. toyota is one of the worlds most profitable corporations, yet the more profits they make, the more they lower worker wages.

so essentially toyota uses the cheapest materials, and the poorest workers to manufacture them.

i could go on further. but i will give you some studies/articles for you to read on your own.

many believe their is a conspiracy against toyota. if their is, believe me our government has good reasons.
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