On Sep-16 my hybrid started making grinding noises and went to half power.
The temperature was high and the OBDII reader gave me P0335 [Crankshaft Position (CKP) sensor circuit, no signal]
I bought a new TDC Sense and replaced it today as well as topping off my fluids.
The coolant had gotten low.

After a few miles of test driving,
The check engine light came on and the car had the same symptoms.
This time the OBDII reader came up with
P1449 [Battery Module Overheating,Battery Cell Overheating, Battery Module Individual Voltage Input Deviation, Battery Module Deterioration, Battery Module Deviation]
P1600 [TCM Internal Watchdog Operation]

I doubt the battery would cause the noise.
I'm leaning more towards to Transmission Control Module.
What is the TCM and where is it located?