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    Getting low MPG 2007 Camry Hybrid

    First would like to say hello to everyone on the forums. Just purchased a hybrid and cannot wait to share and get information with everyone on the forums.

    I am getting 24-27mpg in the city!!! I should be reaching close to 40 easily! I am driving like a grandma!

    I purchased a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid from Carmax last week. MPG are listed as 40city / 38 hwy.
    It was never owned, it was a fleet vehicle. 31,000 miles.

    It was just serviced, oil change, oil filter, tire rotation, the works.
    I have not gone through a whole tank of gas yet, still on over half a tank from Carmax. It is regular unleaded fuel.

    I have been driving in the city around Boca Raton, FL and I am currently getting 24-27mpg in the city!

    This is with AC off and if it is on it's in ECO friendly mode and on low. I am accelerating from stops and lights very lightly and moderately. I do not drive over 40-45mph in the city. I am very disappointed with the mpg in the city considering I should be getting close to 40.

    On the highway, I am going 60mph with cruise control I was averaging 36-38mpg which is about where I should be, however, my primary concern is the city mpg. I start and stop a lot because of traffic and the distance between lights is short.

    Anyone having the same problem? And ideas? please help.

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    Try not accelerating too

    Try not accelerating too hard between stop lights so the gas engine won't go on. If you practice, you should get the hang of it (how much you can accelerate using only the electrical part of the car).
    Also, check the tire pressure.
    My city rating is around 38. I can get as high as 45, but on average 38.

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    ?2 weeks on dis hybrid

    ?2 weeks on dis hybrid car, yet nt starting. God of hybrid help me o. abi fellas wettin u think I fit do 4 dis car 2 start......need you people help asp pls
    can E-mail at umejei360@yahoo.com...

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