First would like to say hello to everyone on the forums. Just purchased a hybrid and cannot wait to share and get information with everyone on the forums.

I am getting 24-27mpg in the city!!! I should be reaching close to 40 easily! I am driving like a grandma!

I purchased a 2007 Toyota Camry Hybrid from Carmax last week. MPG are listed as 40city / 38 hwy.
It was never owned, it was a fleet vehicle. 31,000 miles.

It was just serviced, oil change, oil filter, tire rotation, the works.
I have not gone through a whole tank of gas yet, still on over half a tank from Carmax. It is regular unleaded fuel.

I have been driving in the city around Boca Raton, FL and I am currently getting 24-27mpg in the city!

This is with AC off and if it is on it's in ECO friendly mode and on low. I am accelerating from stops and lights very lightly and moderately. I do not drive over 40-45mph in the city. I am very disappointed with the mpg in the city considering I should be getting close to 40.

On the highway, I am going 60mph with cruise control I was averaging 36-38mpg which is about where I should be, however, my primary concern is the city mpg. I start and stop a lot because of traffic and the distance between lights is short.

Anyone having the same problem? And ideas? please help.