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    Article: A Common Sense Hybrid

    The article says the Camry Hybrid has "a 105-kW electric motor and 244-volt battery pack that delivers a peak of 45 hp." Last time I did the math, 105kW translated to 140 horsepower (one horsepower = 747 watts). What am I missing here?

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    Article: A Common Sense Hybrid

    the motor uses 105 kW of electricity, but that doesnt mean that it will produce 105 kW of mechanical energy, motors arnt 100% efficent

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    Article: A Common Sense Hybrid

    Andrew, I know electric motors aren't 100% efficient, but they are certainly more than 30% efficient.

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    I could be wrong

    The motor is rated for 105kW @ 4500rpm
    But the battery is rated @ 30kW (40HP)

    (Check the spec sheet..it's actually presented that way. Not sure why they'd put in both sets of stats unless there's some capacitive effect utilized for starting power or something.) Similarly, if you do the math on the other power stat (199ft-lbs @ 4500rpm) it works out to 57+ HP. So we're obviously comparing apples and oranges and small furry wombats without all of the specs and stats.

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    What do you expect from trogolodytes who insist on specifying electric motor RPM's with a speed. Power from an electric motor (unlike an Internal Combustion Engine) is pretty constant from 0 RPM to some maximum that is usually well above 4500 RPM. If they want to specify the power that matters most, it is at zero RPM where it is also (conviently) at its maximum.
    This is just another typical case of the car companies presenting their hybrids in something other than their best light.
    BTW, electric motors can easily be designed to be over 85% efficient and with a little effort, more than 90% efficient.
    I, personally am not sure what they're actually trying to say.

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    Power is not contant!!!!

    Power is not contant!!!! Torque is, Power goes up with RPM just like any other Engine

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