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    IMA woes 2007 HCH - What's the latest?

    My original purchase 2007 HCH (just passed 100,000 mark) had begun experiencing low bars and power this summer (Dallas, TX area) and was about to call the dealer when I received the IMA software update notice. Had it done, and I've gone 2 weeks since then with my usual 5 day average of 145 miles of mixed hwy and stopNgo traffic. Haven't noticed any improvement. A bit concerning as I wanted this for 300,000 miles, as well as the safety issue of not having power when I need to pull out into traffic. The bars fluctuate frequently during my daily drives, from none to nearly top, much more frequently low to none, than I'm used to. The power issue is much more frequent as well, and forced me to not trust it. Scary moments in traffic, I can tell you. Not sure what to think, or do next. I'm in a new job that requires intra-day dependability , and the car's purchase price only made sense to me for the 300,000 miles. The Lexus I gave up for this had a surprisingly, really bad resale value, so I don't want a repeat of that, either.

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    Check at the top of this

    Check at the top of this page for the main thread on this subject.

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