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Thread: Hybrid Tune up

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    Hybrid Tune up

    I am just posting this FYI on tune ups for your 2003 Civic Hybrids. I am over 100,000 miles on ours and I was looking around for what to do. I was surprised and shocked at the same time. First, there is no timing belt so that's a huge savings over a normal Japanese motor. Second there are no spark plug wires and that's another substantial savings.

    Then there are the spark plugs due @ 110,000 miles. Figuring these can't cost much, I called Honda and they wanted $20 each and it turns out, there are 8 of them. Holy! So I shopped around and found a place online that sells them for less than $11 each for the same exact plug. WTF is Honda thinking? Anyway if you're in the market for new plugs go here:


    and type in the NGK number in your owner's manual. I got the whole set delivered for under $100. Not bad considering it would $176 for the same thing @ the local honda dealer + tax. Honda also wants $40 for a cheesy paper cabin filter I found online for $15 delivered from:


    I'm not anti-honda but when they try and screw me that bad, no thanks!

    One question I have is valve adjustments. Has anybody here done them? It mentions it in the owner's manual but I don't have a service manual. They are not loud but if they require adjustment then I should check them. Thanks


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    this isent what i was

    this isent what i was looking for...needs more info

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    I have a 2008 Honda Civic

    I have a 2008 Honda Civic Hybrid, when should the first tune up be done, I don't drive much I don't have 32,000 on it yet and I bought it new.

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    valve adjustment is easy.

    valve adjustment is easy. just remove valve cover when motor is cold (sit overnight) and the clearance should be written on the hood if you look up when it is open. just make sure you find TDC and do each intake/exhaust valve adjustment as required

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