I am just posting this FYI on tune ups for your 2003 Civic Hybrids. I am over 100,000 miles on ours and I was looking around for what to do. I was surprised and shocked at the same time. First, there is no timing belt so that's a huge savings over a normal Japanese motor. Second there are no spark plug wires and that's another substantial savings.

Then there are the spark plugs due @ 110,000 miles. Figuring these can't cost much, I called Honda and they wanted $20 each and it turns out, there are 8 of them. Holy! So I shopped around and found a place online that sells them for less than $11 each for the same exact plug. WTF is Honda thinking? Anyway if you're in the market for new plugs go here:


and type in the NGK number in your owner's manual. I got the whole set delivered for under $100. Not bad considering it would $176 for the same thing @ the local honda dealer + tax. Honda also wants $40 for a cheesy paper cabin filter I found online for $15 delivered from:


I'm not anti-honda but when they try and screw me that bad, no thanks!

One question I have is valve adjustments. Has anybody here done them? It mentions it in the owner's manual but I don't have a service manual. They are not loud but if they require adjustment then I should check them. Thanks