Hi guys,

Just want to share about my idea.mileage/range for electric car is very important. My idea is to install wind turbine, wind turbine or rotary device that extracts energy from the wind, so it can charge the battery while car on moving . My idea is to place the wind turbine under the hood without sacrificing the beauty of the car.We can place two battery pack. battery pack (A) is charged by the wind turbine while the car moving, in the other hand, another battery pack (B) uses for car propulsion. once the propulsion battery pack (A) almost finish, electrical devices automatically change the battery to battery pack (B)so the car can keep on moving without stop or jerk. battery pack (A) continue charged by wind turbine. This cycle of battery charging will make electric cars go more than 1000km without charging/or single charge.Hope this idea will help u all. thank you.

kumar palani,
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