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    Video - Warm-Up P&G

    I got my Son to do a short video with me driving that some of you wanted me to do. This was from a cold start and it takes you through my normal route from Jupiter to downtown WPB where I pick-up and drop-off work at the PB County Courthouse. The plan was to drive with my Son 10 - 15 minutes filming to put on Youtube and drop him Off with a friend along the way to get back home. I had many stops to make today and I didn't want to waste his day. We ran into high winds and rain and it was too dark in the '09 FEH to see the SGIIs but I thought I would post it raw and unedited to get feedback. Look at the video if you want and tell me what you would like to see and if you want me to continue doing videos of the techniques I use everyday on my commute.

    My Sgii is set with a Tank Off-Set of 13 and the engine size is now set at 3.5L instead of 2.5L. The Sgii now seems to be set to give me the exact MPG with the gallons I pump into the tank at fill-up. Note that my lifetime mileage and my trip OD match with my last Mileage Log entry. This tank should give me a 52.2 Lmpg average with 160.5% of combined City/Highway EPA of 32.5mpg for the '09 Fwd FEH.

    Youtube has a time limit of the video you can view at a time so I'll post as much of what Kyle filmed today before I let him Off. There will be Part 1 and Part 2 of Hypermiling The FEH because there is a little over 16 minutes of video.



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    I would like hybrid

    I would like hybrid electrical cars repair videos Also, all of the other hybrid types. Thank you.

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